Collaboration, Partnership, & Learning

We house office space for non-profits, meeting space for local organizations, and a cafe for the public. Each was designed with community partnership in mind. 

The Regas Building is an initiative of Knoxville Leadership Foundation with a mission to be a gathering place for the community. Here nonprofits can work together and learn from each other, local organizations can host events using our first-class meeting spaces, and the community can connect at the cafe, all the while enjoying this 125 year old historic Knoxville landmark.

The Regas Building has been a Knoxville landmark for well over a century. Built by William Caswell and Dr. Madison Harris, the present two-story structure was originally five stories tall and given the name, The Harris Building. The building functioned as a multi-use facility, offering living space, meeting space, offices, and retail. In the early 1920s, the Regas brothers moved in, beginning with a small 24-hour cafe to service the continually flowing crowd from the neighboring train station. Their passion for the service industry became well understood over the years and their establishment grew, eventually becoming one of Knoxville's most revered and longest standing establishments. The Regas family created an atmosphere that drew people in and a space for people to gather and connect. Now, 125 years later, the keys have been passed to Knoxville Leadership Foundation. They consider it their honor to continue in the fine traditions set in place by those who have walked before.